Staying at home this year is better for me than travelling abroad

Travel agencies celebrate high season again. Letter-boxes and media are full of tempting information about travel destinations around the globe. Besides, travelling since long time has become an image factor. Not going abroad in the eyes of many people – also for most of my neighbours and acquaintances – is a sign of being poor.

No doubt – changes from every day duties and discovering foreign countries doubtlessly are important achievements of our civilization. Tourism boosts the understanding for other cultures and spreads prosperity over the world. When I was young I was keen on Interrail-travelling. Lateron I worked as a tourguide all over Europe. Not only due to this I’m owing a lot of outstanding experiences and livings to travelling.

However, this year I’ve decided to stay at home. Sleeping in my own bed and making leisure activities within one day driving distance should be a welcome alternative.Staycation, as staying at home for vacation nowadays is called, will finally give me the opportunity to learn to know local sites, museums and amusement parks. The free time at home I also want to use to attend relatives and friends respectively to invite them for dinner or even better for barbecues in my backyard garden.

I’m sure that this summer I will not have any stress with packing, long drives and annoying weather conditions. Keyword weather: As it has become very unsteady also in our area, I’m going to be feeling on the safe side when I can guard my own house and garden during summer time.
So for me this year it will be the best decision to stay at home instead of travelling abroad again.